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General Information

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If you have more questions about Prepaid calling Phone-card - please visit our main FAQ page to find answers.

Using a phone card - pros and cons?
- Savings
- Convenience
- Versatility
Prepaid calling cards (Global PAPA, EuroMAMA, TeleTzar, Happy Hours Europa or any other from the selection we offer you) offer much lower domestic and international long distance rates than the regular long distance service from major phone companies. If you look carefully, you'll notice that the monthly fee, taxes and other fees may account for about 10% of your total long distance bill. Using prepaid calling cards could save up to 70% of your long distance phone bill.
Prepaid calling cards enable you to enjoy low long distance rates no matter where you are. You can call from home, office, pay phone, cell phone and hotel, etc.
A prepaid calling card is an ideal travel companion. You can use it with any phone, even in hotels and airports. It helps you to avoid outrageous hotel surcharges and hidden fees, so you always know exactly what you're spending. Some phone cards allow you call USA from certain foreign countries - with a prepaid calling card you can avoid all overseas calling problems. Prepaid calling cards may provide low long distance rates and help you avoid expensive roaming charges if you use a cell phone. If your phone bill is out of control, prepaid calling cards can help you bring your phone expense within budget. Prepaid phone cards make great gifts for friends and family. It's something anyone can use.
Check international rates to African and South Asian countries on our new phone cards: AfricaMAMA, AsiaMAMA and Frugal Asia.
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How to use Pre-Paid Phone Service?
Your personal calling card number (PIN or authorization code) consists of 7-14 digits and is your exclusively. PINs (and Instructions) are e-mailed to you. PIN is usually located on the back of a calling card and covered with silver strip.
From Any Touch-Tone Phone:
1. Dial 800-access number (or Local Access Number if any) that appears on the back of your card.
2. Follow the instructions, enter your PIN number.
3. Follow the instructions, dial as you normally do:
- for international calls 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number
- for domestic calls 1 + Area Code + Local Number
To make another call, press the pound key twice (##) or a star (*) key and follow step 3 instructions.
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How do I find the best card for me?
The best card is not always a synonym to the best rate. As the service provided by various carriers even within the same card platform the same card could be good to one country and not very good to another. If you are the first time buyer, we suggest you to try the following:
Use Best Rate Finder program, which will allow you to find the card with the best rate to the country of your interest. It will also list the next best rate card as well. The Best Rate Finder will take in consideration ALL additional charges on the card, like Connection Fees, Taxes, Minute Rounding, Minimum Call Length and so on. We recommend you place an order for $5 cards of different types with the best rates and see which one will get you the best quality of connection to the country of your interest.
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How to call from Moscow, Russia?
You can call from Russia or Canada using Global Papa phone card or TeleTzar phone card or Peanuts-LD prepaid long distance service.
1. If you are calling:
    a) from Moscow, Russia:
         Dial Moscow Local Access number 740-0085
    b) from St.Petersburg, Russia:
         Dial Moscow Local Access number 333-0085
    c) from Russia:
         Dial 8*095-740-0085
    d) from Canada:
         Dial 1-800-805-7919
NOTE: Those who call from Russia, before dialing your PIN in the next step, please make sure your telephone switched to Touch Tone mode.
2. After the greeting, dial your PIN Number.
3. After the prompt, dial:
    a) To cal USA, CANADA and CARIBBEAN Countries
         1 + Area Code + Number + #
    b) For other international destinations:
         011 + Country Code + Number +#
If there is no connection within 30 seconds after dialing the destination number, please hang up and dial again.

Rate from CANADA is just 3c/min higher than US toll-free rat.
Add 5c/min when calling from RUSSIA.
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What are extra charges?
Each card has a different set of conditions and charges, if any. To read the details, click on the card image, explore rates and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see the details. You should note that you may incur charges from a pay phone, a cell phone, or a hotel phone over which the phone card company has no control.
All phone cards may have a combination of one or more of the following charges:
Time increment - The actual time you spend on-line in a time increment. The time increments vary from 1 second to 5 minutes.
Connection Fee - A one-time charge for initiating a single call. Each and every time you use the card and your party answers, you will be charged a connection fee which will be deducted from the available minutes. Cards with a connection fee are may be highly effective for long duration calling.
Initial Connection/Weekly/Monthly Service/Maintenance Fees - Some cards have an initial set up fee. Some, however, charge a weekly or monthly fee, this is charged after the first time the card is used and is deducted in minutes or dollar from the card value. Even if you are not using your calling card you may be racking up a charge.
Pay Phone/Cellular Phone Charges - Nearly all phone card calls originating from a Pay Phone are charged a fee per call. This is required by federal law and the fee typically ranges from $.35 to $.90 per call. This amount is deducted from the card value. If your cellular or mobile phone company allows you to call from your mobile phone, there maybe a charge per call fee. Some Mobile phone contracts do not allow the use of alternate carriers like phonecards or dial around services.
Taxes - There are FCC/State/Local charges taxes based on where the call originates. (This is the same tax that appears on your phone bill each month and is calculated on each call.) Normally this is factored into the rate but it can be deducted separately from the value of the card.
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How do I figure out country/city code when making an international long distance call?
Please visit our Search Country/city Telephone codes page to make a search.
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How long does it take to receive ordered PINs?
For first time buyers it might take up to 48 hours. We verify each and every customer to prevent fraud. If you are the first time customer and want your PINs to be delivered faster, please avoid using free e-mail addresses like Yahoo and Hotmail. Please provide your day-time contact phone number, so we contact you faster.
Customers who made purchases on LDPOST.COM in the past will get their PINs immediately over e-mail.
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Is my credit card number safe? uses the Secure Sockets Layer and Private Communication Technology security standards that are supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later and other popular browsers. SSL encodes your personal information (such as your password, address and phone number, or your credit card number) so that it is available only to you and the financial services providers with which we process your credit cards transactions. This encryption makes doing business over the Internet as secure as making a purchase by telephone.
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How often do the rates change?
Prepaid calling cards are non-refundable and  their rates are subject to change in either direction without notice. We have no control over rates, and when the underlying carrier changes rates we have to adjust the rates too. As we can't store rates like we would be able to with a gasoline, we must change the rates to stay in business. We do not inform customers about rate change - please check the rate before the purchase.
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Is there a volume discount in the web store?
There is 10% discount given automatically on all $100.00 purchases. So, if you place an order for $100.00 regardless of the card types your are ordering, your credit card will be charged only $90.00. First time buyers can’t get this discount in the WEB STORE as the maximum order amount for the first time buyers is $20.00. If you are the first time buyer and want to place order larger then $20.00, call us at 1-800-449-0445 and we will take your order over the phone.
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What is Loyal Customer reward program?
This program is intended to do exactly as it is implied in its title - to reward the loyalty of LDPOST customers.
For every purchase* you made on LDPOST, you earn points. For each dollar spend, you will earn one point. You need to accumulate 100 point to be eligible for redemption. For each 100 points earned you are eligible to receive one $5 card of your choice with your next purchase. The redemption offer will appear on your Select Cards screen after your have accumulated 100 points or more. You do not have to redeem your points at 100-point level. Points keep accumulating with your purchases, so you can redeem bigger card denominations later.
For example, you have accumulated 500 points by purchasing Peanuts-LD prepaid calling cards online. On your select card screen you will see a menu with choices of cards for redemption – $5, $10, $20 and $50. For 500 points you can receive in total $25 worth of cards. You need to make a purchase to redeem your rewards.
To view points accumulated, please log on to the web store. It will be displayed at the bottom of select cards screen. You can also view accumulated points by clicking on History.
* Exceptions: Points can not be accumulated on any volume discount purchases. This program starts on August 20th of 2002. Only purchases made after August 20th 2002 are eligible for points accumulation.
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If you have more questions about Prepaid calling Phone-card - please visit our main FAQ page to find answers.

Prepaid calling Phone-card

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Check long distance rates on Prepaid Peanuts-LD service: you can make cheap long distance call from your cell phone or any other phone at LDPOST's extremely low rates without switching your long distance service company

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