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About EuroMAMA Prepaid Calling Cards

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EuroMama Calling Cards from Long Distance Post

Long Distance Post is dedicated to providing a selection of low-cost prepaid calling cards, Toll Free 800 numbers, services, post-paid phone cards, services for existing and new mobile phone users (Peanuts-LD) and other discount telecommunications services.

LDPOST has served all 50 states since 1994. As a long distance company, LDPOST has signed exclusive contracts with a number of carriers and service providers. Long Distance Post brings customers to service providers. In exchange, we get the most favorable LD rates. We pass these rates to you, our customer.

On this site, you will find a fully automated Web Store, where you can buy a phone card (Global PAPA, EuroMAMA, TeleTzar or any other from the selection we offer you) and receive an instant PIN - to make a call right away. Or, you can sign up for long distance service. Check our privacy policy for our Web Store and the latest news.

Check international rates to African and South Asian countries on our new phone cards: AfricaMAMA, AsiaMAMA and Frugal Asia.

Long Distance Call from your MOBILE Phone

LDPOST offers the most aggressive pricing for cellular products and services available in the marketplace. Now you can make a long distance call from your MOBILE phone or any other phone at extremely low rates without switching your long distance company.

Whether by shopping at our site or by searching  - you will be satisfied with the range of communications products LDPOST offers you. One thing that really separates us from the competition is our Customer Service. Our customer service reps will answer your phone call any day except Sunday, and we try to avoid long holding periods. Check the FAQ and news pages if you have questions, or send us an e-mail and we will answer you promptly.

Prepaid Phone Cards AFFILIATE Program

Long Distance Post also offers you a great business opportunity. You can become a Prepaid Calling Cards Affiliate and receive 6% commissions on sales made to your customers on our web site. We will offer a complete web page and instructions. All you will need to do is to let other people know about our rates and services. You will be able to track all of your customers with web-based reports automatically updated in real time. If you choose to buy calling cards in volume instead, you can receive much higher discounts on volume purchases.

EuroMama calling cards

Prepaid CALLING Cards/Phone Cards offered by LDPOST:
  Global Papa phone card  Across America phone card   EverCall phone card   TeleTzar phone card  Happy Hours Europa calling card   AfricaMAMA calling card  International Voyager phone card   OmniCall phone card   AsiaMAMA phone card  Frugal Asia phone card  Abla Con Mexico calling card

Check long distance rates on Prepaid Peanuts-LD service: you can make cheap long distance call from your cell phone or any other phone at LDPOST's extremely low rates without switching your long distance service company

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